Chiropractor - LaGrange
1505 Lafayette Pkwy. 
LaGrange, GA 30241

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Tammi Kaminsky - Tompkins 

Formal Education: 1992-1996 California University of Pennsylvania
California, PA
Faculty of Science
1996-2000 Life University of Chiropractic
Marietta, GA
Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree
Work History: 2003-2004 Tidewater Clinic of Chirpractic
Newport News, VA
Associate Doctor
2004-2007 Fuller Life Chiropractic Center
Manchester, GA
Head Chiropractor
Dr. Tompkins grew up in Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh with her parents, 1 brother and 2 sisters. She now resides not far from LaGrange, GA with her husband Keith Tompkins (from LaGrange) and their sons Camden and Kaiden.
Dr. Tompkins loves the warm weather & hospitality of the south. In her spare time she enjoys boating and practicing near West Point Lake was a natural choice for her.


Dr. Chantel Brooks

Formal Education: 1994-1998 University of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Faculty of Science
1998-2002 Life University of Chiropractic
Marietta, GA
Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree
Work History: 2004-2009 Fuller Life Chiropractic Center
Thomaston, GA
Head Chiropractor
Personal: Dr. Brooks grew up in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada with her parents and brother. She now resides in the Newnan, GA area with her husband, Dennis and their two daughters and  two sons. Dr. Brooks loves the outdoors. She loves hiking and going to the park with her children. She watched her father run a successful chiropractic office for over 30 years.


Meet Our Staff

Annie Hoffman- Office Manager

She has been with Back to Life Chiropractic Center since September of 2010. She has always been very interested in the medical field, but knew that nursing was not for her. When she heard that a job had opened up at a chiropractic office, she jumped right on board. Annie has been getting adjusted by a chiropractor since she was seventeen, so working in that field seemed very natural to her. Also, it has given her the opportunity to learn a lot about true health, by working closely with the doctors.

“I have found that if I go even a week or two without getting adjusted, I tend to have more sinus problems and mid back pain. It is so important to stay on your chiropractic schedule. I still get adjusted at least once a week, even years later.”

Annie currently resides in Thomaston. There, she enjoys going to the movies and living a small town life. She is also very active in her church and is apart of its young adults ministry.



Sarah Walton- Insurance Coordinator

She has been with Back to Life Chiropractic since November 2011. Having a health related back ground, coming to work here just seemed like a natural fit. Sarah had never really been a consistant chiropractic patient in the past, but has loved learning about all of the overall health benefits that comes with being adjusted.

" I alway knew that Chiropractic was good for your back, but never really knew all the other benefits that came along with it. Not only do I get adjusted for my sciatic pain, I also get adjusted during cold and flu season, and to keep my allergies at bay."

Sarah resides in Greenville, Ga, and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She loves to garden, and to bake in her spare time.